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eSense® defined:

  • eSense® is a sense of extraordinary commitment to adding value for our clients in everything we do.

  • eSense® is the comforting constant that harmonizes technology and business environments where change is the only other    constant.

  • eSense® is a set of service-oriented principles based on expertise and common sense.

  • eSense® is incorporated not only in our foundation, but also in our name.

eSense® principles:

  • People can function without technology, but technology is useless without people. In everything we do, people come first;     technology next.

  • Focus on adding value for our clients in everything we do.

  • Empower and encourage everyone on the team to make and implement decisions, and remain accountable.

  • Be self-motivated, reliable, self-organizing, independent as well as interdependent.

  • Build value and demonstrate executable product throughout the project; iteratively and incrementally.

  • Enable business teams to appreciate difficulties faced by technical teams, and enable technical teams to appreciate difficulties faced by business teams.

  • Between documented processes and implemented processes, the latter always wins. Focus on implementation.

  • Practicality of process implementation in an organization's culture takes precedence over what so-called industry standards dictate.

  • No matter how geeky we may be, always remember that we are in the service industry. Our and technology's only purpose is to serve our clients' interest.

  • Go paperless to improve the efficiency of communication and documentation (& improve global environmental sustainability).

Our Leadership Team is committed to ensuring that eSense® is incorporated in everything we do.


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